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About Us

Who we are

How it all began:The collection of recordings that form the basis of this website were made by a group of entomologists in Wageningen (The Netherlands), partly as a result of their research projects at the former Animal Taxonomy Group at the (former) Wageningen Agricultural University, partly as a result of private faunistic activities on the planthopper fauna in the Netherlands. The group of persons who jointly contributed to the collection of recordings is referred to as the 'Animal Taxonomy Group Wageningen', During different periods in time the following persons have been forming part of this group (in alphabetic order): - Kees den Bieman. See papers on Ribautodelphax (den Bieman,1986), and Delphacodes (den Bieman & de Vrijer, 1987)- Kees Booij. See paper on Muellerianella (Booij, 1982).- Sakis Drosopoulos. See paper on Muellerianella (Drosopoulos, 1985).- Maarten Drost. Assisted with recordings of Ribautodelphax in period 1981 - 1982 during his student project.- Malcolm Gillham. See paper on Chloriona (Gillham & de Vrijer, 1995)- Julius Pattiapon. Assisted with various recordings in period 1977 - 1987.- Thomas Rollenhagen. Assisted with recordings of Ribautodelphax in period 1988 - 1989.- Jan Rozeboom. Assisted with various recordings in period 1989 - 1999.- Peter de Vrijer. See papers on Javesella (de Vrijer, 1984, 1986), Delphacodes (den Bieman & de Vrijer, 1987), and Chloriona (Gillham & de Vrijer, 1995).- Ton de Winter. See paper on Ribautodelphax (de Winter & Rollenhagen, 1990).Recent activities:In 2010, after a period of little recording activity, Kees den Bieman and Peter de Vrijer renewed contact and planned to try and collect the remaining species of Dutch planthoppers for recording, in order to complete the collection for the delphacid species in the Netherlands.Peter de Vrijer took up the job of converting all analogue tape-recorded signals into digital sound files. In 2012 he started to work on the present website in order to disclose the collection for public access.

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Website on bioacoustic vibration signals of planthoppers & leafhoppers